You will find a lot of various areas in your ac so plenty of people would want to employ a specialist air conditioning technician to address their issues but there are a variety of issues that are different than you could check out and save yourself the price of a house call. The top concern that individuals have would be that their air conditioner unit isn’t blowing any chilly air. Here’s a quick list of items to take a look at.

1. The most common reason behind this particular issue typically can be fixed with the air filter which is located in the air cooling unit front panel. Many people could replace the filter but since they forget to or maybe fail to (I’ll get it done following week), the filtration ends up growing to be plugged with dirt. After the air filter is plugged the condenser fins are not in the position to breath and the device freezes up. In case this happens in your unit, alter the filter and attempt turning the unit off for a couple of hours. This should enable the ice to thaw and also the unit to work once again.

To prevent this from occurring again, ensure to change your filter as frequently as it requires. You are able to typically tell when it requires changing by keeping your filtration to a light. In case the light shines effortlessly through, the filter is able to still be used. In case it’s opaque then the moment has come to use a brand new filter.

2. In case your filter is clogged that suggests your condenser fins may be clogged, preventing them from functioning right. You are able to work with a brush to thoroughly clean the fins off and in many cases, this quick air conditioner repair will restore your device to an excellent working condition.

3. The final problem that might cause the trouble is very low freon pressure in your device. Over time leaks are able to develop that will enable the freon in your device to leak. While you are able to purchase a gauge to decide in case this’s the issue, you cannot change the freon yourself. You want an EPA license to handle freon. This’s why the freon stress is among the items that must be examined by an air conditioner repair specialist once per season.

4. If the thermostat is down and the condenser fan doesn’t switch on, a burnt and shorted wire can function as the trigger. Sometimes the wires simply get shaken loose so this’s one more simple fix.

5. Finally, as ridiculous as it seems, when the product is not working, check all of the fuses or maybe circuit breakers to make certain it’s getting power. Air conditioning repair folks report that this happens a good deal more often than you’d think.

6. Not all of us have the all time in the world to make these repairs ourselves, so if you’re one of those people and you live in San Antonio, just¬†click here.

Bottom line is you will find a variety of items that you to be a homeowner can readily check before calling within an air conditioner maintenance person. The essential thing to reflect upon though is there’s a reason why the ac repair folks call for education to obtain their licenses.

It is since there are several potential issues that will be very complex for the common homeowner to fix. Ensure you understand your limits or maybe you just might be producing more issues than you solve.