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First Person Shooters That Fell Short

As you read through this blog the pattern in FPS (First Person Shooters) goes on. The direction I’m speaking of is programmers releasing video games before they’re full due to finances and marketing deadlines. The majority of the time these restrictions aren’t the fault of the designers.

We remain by, as game after game is released without being completed. Developers struggle to make their things and also due dates as Quality Control falls to the wayside due to it. Game designers spend their whole budgets on marketing. We view these trailers that seem every bit as good as a blockbuster movie and we begin to salivate. The games get their revenue instantly. We rush to Gamestop to preorder a copy ASAP. Most of us even try to get a tier list like Paladins Tier list for Paladin to get us ahead in the game.

Release day finally comes. You peel off the plastic in anticipation. You put in the disk into your console.. or PC. You participate in the shortest campaign you’ve inside a while… you’re OK with that. You do not purchase video games for the SP anymore. These days it’s time to discover what this game has! You click the internet mode…. you go into a lobby… you’re the only person there… This cannot be properly, the game was just launched. So you continue trying for alternative lobbies. Eventually, you survive a game… your hopes are high once again. You start to enjoy your new game online… sort of. You begin to a rubber band (forth and back movements caused by lag) all around the screen and then you’re booted.

Circumstances this way should not be commonplace. We as video game consumers have allowed this to occur. We carry on and preorder items without a beta test. We continue buying these gaming systems then protect the developers by stating, “It is tough to create a video clip game.” I’m not saying that producing a game is not difficult… but you will find a lot of products on the earth which are equally as hard (if not far more challenging). In case these various other solutions are able to spend quality items from day one… why cannot video games?

I’ve read again and again in several FPS forums… “Just be patient… they are going to fix the game. This’s how it often is. Stop crying about it.” The individuals that post the garbage would be the problem. It is not the developers… it is not the marketing… it’s the individuals who have come to recognize this pattern as just how it’s.

We’ve allowed this to occur. I fear we are going to continue to allow this to occur.